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Our 2015 lineup will be announced in the Spring.
Stay tuned! In the meantime let’s remember 2014 . . .


July 18, 2014

  • M

    Sudbury, ON This three-piece garage band rising from the cigarette ashes of Bunnies in Berlin is quickly becoming a local favourite with the release of their debut self-titled EP on Sudbury’s Radiclaw Records.

    Bry Webb
  • M

    London, ON Best known as the lead singer for indie-rock band The Constantines, Bry Webb’s celebrated solo work maintains the edge of the Cons with more than a hint of folk.

    The Dodos
  • M

    SanFransico, CA, USA Dodobird evolves into The Dodos. The unpredictable San Francisco indie rock duo acquired their new moniker with the arrival of Logan Kroeber, whose penchant for experimental drumming and progressive metal melded perfectly with multi-instrumentalist Meric Long's interest in West African Ewe drumming and country blues fingerpicking. They recently shared the stage with Neko Case at Massey Hall. We are excited to be able to bring them to R&S.

    Murder Murder
  • F

    Sudbury, ON These lads might look young and innocent, but their songs tell of a dark, troubled past. Delivering murder ballads exclusively, Murder Murder describes their sound as “bloodgrass”: bluegrass gets into a bar fight with outlaw country and no one walks out alive.

    The Silver Hearts
  • F

    Peterborough, ON Almost 15 years in the making, this 10-piece collective seeped in western roots music with edges of blues, bluegrass, tin-pan-alley jazz and rock, will deliver a “a triumphantly fun whirlwind set” you won’t want to miss.


July 19, 2014

    Hugh Jazz
  • C

    Sudbury, ON A mainstay of the Sudbury night life, you can catch Hugh Jazz wooing crowds twice a week at the Fromagerie and Speakeasy. Their catchy brand of Django Reinhardt-style jazz aside, these guys had me at the Simpsons reference.

    This Harbour
  • B

    North Bay, ON Set sail in 2011 from the vastness of Lake Nipissing, This Harbour released their first full-length indie rock album, entitled The Wicked and Wild, in January of 2014.

    Spencer Jose
  • B

    Sudbury, ON A member of many local bands in many capacities throughout the years (Willett, Big Z & Me, Coast Redwood) Spencer Jose is finally focusing on his own stuff with his first solo record due out this year. Spencer’s unmistakeable voice and earnest delivery will make him a treat to catch live on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

    Odd Years
  • B

    Guelph, ON You may recognize some of these guys from past R&S acts such as Minotaurs and Cuff the Duke. Full of hooks and harmonies, the band’s debut record Drawing Lines came out last year and was lauded for its great influences and spot-on production.

    Stella Ella Ola
  • B

    Toronto, ON Remember the happiness of Hollerado? This spinoff surf/garage band features members Nixon and Jake Boyd who hooked up Anne Douris and Vince Rice. Short Muppet influenced songs.

    The Highest Order
  • M

    Toronto, ON With two Simones --Schmidt’s guitar/voice and TB’s percussion-- along with Kyle Porter on bass and Paul Mortimer on guitar, this new collective, born from some of the members of One Hundred Dollars, has a psych-rock feel. Welcome back.

    Freelove Fenner
  • M

    Montreal, QC This Montreal three-piece pop band’s new EP Do Not Affect a Breezy Manner moves like a bike ride on a hazy summer day. Lovely.

    Cuff the Duke
  • M

    Toronto, ON Formed in Oshawa over a decade ago, this Northern Ontario favourite is back to charm us with some more of their alt-country ditties.

    The Besnard Lakes
  • M

    Montreal, QC The Besnard Lakes will whisk you away one moment with hazy, spacey pop and command you back to Earth the next with riffy 70’s guitar. Formed in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, this Montreal band’s albums have garnered not one, but two Polaris Prize nominations.

    B.A. Johnston
  • F

    Hamilton, ON B.A. turns lemons into no-name brand lemonade with his rock pop at the campfire stage. Playing since the ‘50s, he won a Juno in 1985 for best hard rock record but then returned it when he found out he had to pay for it.

  • F

    Toronto, ON The Ketamines’ move from Lethbridge to Toronto means we get to catch them way more often, and no one’s complaining about that. Their most recent LP You Can’t Serve Two Masters has been called one of the better psych listens of 2013.

    Once Nomadic
  • C

    Sudbury, ON Once Nomadic is an acoustic folk duo comprised of Simon Jongsma and Meredith Charbonneau. Their debut album 'Til the Birds Come Down, is out now on Cosmic Dave's Record Factory.

    Daniel Romano
  • C

    Welland, ON He played year one of R&S with Attack in Black, then came back to sing folk-country songs at our first Campfire Stage the next year. Since then, Daniel Romano has received one Juno and two Polaris Prize nominations for his storytelling lyrics and melodies that hark back to country’s golden age.


July 20, 2014

    Billy Bison
  • C

    Sudbury, ON Born in the backwoods of small town nowhere, Bison Billy was raised on a steady diet of dusty church filled gospel and front porch spittoon sing-a-longs. Rodeo life was good to Billy and he climbed his way to the top, until that fateful day he was pinned under his bull and never walked straight again. Bison Billy found himself lamenting his fate to the rodeo clowns --writing and singing songs with them.

  • M

    Toronto, ON Another husband/wife duo, Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman of Snowblink boast rich soundscapes and "one of the most compelling new voices on the Canadian scene" (CBC).

    Daniel Romano
  • M

    Welland, ON He played year one of R&S with Attack in Black, then came back to sing folk-country songs at our first Campfire Stage the next year. Since then, Daniel Romano has received one Juno and two Polaris Prize nominations for his storytelling lyrics and melodies that hark back to country’s golden age.


Great Music in the Great Outdoors.

What to Bring

  • hat / sunscreen

  • Guitar

  • puffy

  • Cheese Cloth

  • toilet paper in a ziplock bag

  • Cheese

  • Money for vendors

  • headlamp

  • CANS not bottles

  • poi


Fromagerie Elgin

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The Golden Wrench - pending!

R&S Coffeehouse - for sure!

featuring java from St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters

R&S Snack Shack

wood-fire pizzas with Eat Local toppings

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more to come


No glass. Be responsible. Stay hydrated and take good care of yourself and others please.


We recycle and we want to compost too. Look to sort your stash before you trash. Your empties go toward keeping R&S rolling.

Natural Building

Cob Ovens were built in 2012 from local clay, sand and straw. Yurt building in 2013.

Food & Beverages

Vendors will be on hand with delectable foods inspired by local ingredients. Cleaning stations for camp cooking coming in 2013.


There is free drinking water available via a fill station near the Main Stage. Bring containers.


Portable washrooms near the main stage. More outhouses for the campers, including one at the beach. No showers - river!


People aged 16 and under, with their families, get in for free. Self-directed activities available for kids/families ++

Getting Around

Bikes are a great way to get around. When walking protect/cover your toes. Flashlight - check. No driving permitted.


At your own risk and never under the influence! No soap in the river. Great beach. Take care of yourself and each other.


Welcome to North Ontario! The witching hour comes just as darkness falls. Bring some bug dope, long sleeves & pants. Smudge?


Become a member to volunteer. Here's the link!

Camping & Fires

Open fields & wooded sites. MNR fire bans apply to R&S. Firewood/fire pits provided. Bring stove & cooking gear in case of fire ban.

Getting There

Relax. Rewind. Reset.

From Sudbury

  • Find your way onto ON-17/Trans-Canada Hwy - total 58.5 km
  • Turn left onto Dyke St/ON-539 N (signs for Warren) go 190 m total 58.7 km
  • Take the 2nd right onto Stanhope Ave/ON-539 N go 85 m total 58.8 km
  • Take the 1st left onto ON-539 N -  go 22.9 km total 81.7 km
  • Turn right onto ON-539 S - go 7.7 km total 89.3 km
  • Turn right go 100 m total 89.4 km
  • Fishers’ Paradise 3636B Hwy 539, Field, ON P0H 1M0

From Toronto

  • Find your way to the 400 N to Barrie - total 101 km
  • Continue onto ON-11 N - total 129 km
  • Continue onto ON-11 N/Trans-Canada Hwy - total 130 km
  • Continue onto ON-11 N - total 341 km
  • Continue onto Trans-Canada Hwy - total 383 km
  • Turn right onto Ottawa St/ON-64 S- total 384 km
  • Turn right onto Cache Bay Rd/ON-64 S (signs for Field) go 56 m - total 384 km
  • Take the 1st left onto Rue Toronto/ON-64 (signs for Field) Continue to follow ON-64 - total 405 km
  • Turn right onto ON-64 S - total 405 km
  • Turn left onto ON-539 N (signs for River Valley) - total 406 km
  • Turn left go 100 m - total 411 km
  • Slow down - you made it.
  • Fishers' Paradise 3636B Hwy 539, Field, ON P0H 1M0

From Ottawa

  • Get onto ON-17/Trans-Canada Hwy
  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for ON-17 N/ON-11 N/Twin Lakes Road and merge onto ON-11 N/ON-17/Trans-Canada Hwy Continue to follow ON-17/Trans-Canada Hwy
  • Turn right onto Ottawa St/ON-64 S (signs for Field) Continue to follow ON-64 S go 650 m
  • Turn right onto Cache Bay Rd/ON-64 S (signs for Field) go 56 m
  • Take the 1st left onto Rue Toronto/ON-64 (signs for Field) Continue to follow ON-64
  • Turn right onto ON-64 S
  • Turn left onto ON-539 N (signs for River Valley) go 6.0 km
  • Turn left go 100 m total 427 km

By Bike or Boat

  • bike along a decommissioned rail line
  • 100km’s with 3 river crossings over old railway trestle bridges
  • begins just past Sudbury Aiport where the old line crosses Skead Rd.
  • not sanctioned by R&S
  • canoe the Sturgeon River - families welcome to join in a 4 day trip to R&S
  • canoe the Temagami River - no kids! faster water - 5 day trip to R&S
  • contact Friends of Temagami (FoT) for info/resources
  • not sanctioned by R&S or FoT

Sustainability / Partners

Good People doing Good Work

Friends of Temagami

A Northern Ontario-based, all-volunteer conservation organization. Our mission is to conserve wilderness and promote ecotourism across the Temagami region. Hike the world's largest old-growth red pine forest at Wolf Lake. Climb Ontario's highest point at Ishpatina Ridge. Explore Lake Temagami's 1200 islands. Paddle 4700 km of Anishnabe canoe routes. Rock on the shores of the Sturgeon River.

Eat Local Sudbury

Eat Local Sudbury Co-operative is a grocery store and distributor that connects eaters with producers. R&S tries to source as much of our food product and our vendors' food product through ELS. When it comes to R&S trip planning ELS is bringing the ice cream.