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Four Days of River & Sky
July 14-17, 2016

3 and 4 day weekend passes on sale now.
Music & Camping included.


Since our inception in 2009, R&S has strived to support regional emerging artists in Northeastern Ontario and to showcase their talents alongside many beautiful musicians from across Canada and beyond.
Sincere thanks are extended to Heritage Canada's - Canada Arts Presentation Fund, The Ontario Arts Council, FACTOR, SOCAN and the Ontario Media Development Corporation's Music Futures program.  The funds we receive from these bodies is only part of the equation as we have had the benefit of working with helpful, knowledgeable staff who have taken direct interest in helping R&S succeed.   

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JULY 14th

2016 lineup to be announced shortly

JULY 15th

2016 lineup to be announced shortly

JULY 16th

2016 lineup to be announced shortly

JULY 17th

2016 lineup to be announced shortly


Our venue partner is Fisher's Paradise located between the towns of River Valley and Field, in West Nipissing Ontario.  R&S has worked with our hosts, Chris and Julie, to shape new campsites and trails and create a superb natural setting for our festivities.  They are super great folks who love R&S as much as we do.  The property features the Sturgeon River and a private oxbow lake - both semi-private and group campsites - and lots of trees for shade.  We welcome you to bring your bikes and canoes and your pooches.  Yes - dogs are welcome!  Please see our rules for more info.

New for this year is a surcharge for bringing in trailers.  $25 or $50 for the festival depending on the size of your unit.  Please visit the link below for details.


Water at Fisher's Paradise is drawn from a 170' drilled well.  We lab test our water prior to R&S, working in accordance with our district Health Unit.  Please do not bring plastic water bottles to the festival.  Bring your refillables.  The water filling station will be located in the food vending area.
Ice will be sold in the vending area.


You can have a cookout or get tasty takeout from our food vendors. Delectable foods inspired by local ingredients from Eat Local Sudbury and area farms. We will be posting a list of food vendors soon.  R&S's Snack Shack will be run by Chris Mctaggart of Speakeasy this year. We are definitley planning ways to get you more coffee more quickly in the mornings.  We are hoping to implement washable dishware in the vending areas.


Open alcohol at your campsite is OK.  No open alcohol (walking with can of beer) outside campsites please. Definitely NO GLASS anywhere at Fisher's Paradise.
It is tempting to pass a bottle around the campfire but please respect this rule.


You can swim in the oxbow off the mainstage or in the Sturgeon River at the beach stage - always at your own risk and never while impaired - recognizing that the river does have a current that fluxates in strength depending on water levels. Saunas are also available at the beach stage. Stay hydrated by drinking water and don't over do it. Children must be supervised in the sauna and in the water by their parents/guardians.  


R&S is for families and friends and their pets too. Children 16-years-old and younger with their families do not have to buy festival passes. Dogs who do well with crowds and music can come, provided they are on a leash. Please avoid the front of the mainstage as it is a stressful place for dogs. The same applies to horses and some children.  R&S has loud music - ear protection for babies, kids and even grown-ups is wise.


No cars are permitted beyond the gate in the camping areas. Our volunteers will help you pack your gear in by way of bicycle or dolly. Consider bringing your bike or canoe.  Folks have been biking and paddling into the festival.  Let us know if you plan to do this.  We also recommend you protect your feet and don't wear open-toed shoes as stubs are a common festival hazard.  A light is always handy to have on hand or head - please don't shine it in my eyes!


A variety of workshops and activities will be offered - yoga with Liz O'Hara et al, puppetry with Kimberley Howe, dance-movement with Global Groove's Shannon Falconi, astronomy, arts and more ...


Campfires must be burned in supplied containers. MNR rules concerning fire bans apply. If you plan on cooking, a little stove can come in handy. Firewood will be supplied by R&S. 


Rough camping in field and forested areas. Tents are included in the festival pass.
If camping in a group you may want to bring a kitchen tent and a folding table.
Trailers and RVs arriving on Thursday & Friday will not be permitted in car-free zones.
Anyone wishing to camp Sunday evening will need to pay Fisher's Paradise directly.


Washrooms at R&S are a mix of porta-potties and outhouses.  We do our best to keep them in good shape and well stocked throughout the weekend. 


Welcome to Northern Ontario! The witching hour falls at dusk for mosquitos. Wear long sleeves, light colours, apply bug dope, and avoid eating bananas. Mosquitos and blackflies do not recognize black tights as pants and will bite right through. 


By sorting your waste throughout the weekend you are helping to keep the festival rolling and making the jobs of volunteers much easier. We collect deposit-return containers to raise funds for our activities.  PLEASE DO NOT HOARD YOUR GARBAGE AND PUT IT OUT AS YOU LEAVE. NO FUN FOR US. 


Becoming a member of any not-for-profit organization is a show of support for what the organization does.  A strong membership means that there is a community of like-minded people who stand behind the ideals of the organization.
At R&S we present the Arts in Nature in support of Sustainability.
We also love to celebrate the culture of camping in the North!

To volunteer at R&S we ask that you stand with us and become a member. 


  • Volunteer arrival and orientation day with end-of-day beach party with bands - just for volunteers - Wednesday July 13th
  • Dedicated group campsite for volunteers with perks
  • Volunteer meals and snacks
  • We will be working with a pro volunteer coordinator and hope to make your work experience an improved one overall


  • have a voice and a vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • are helping to shape and support the festival
  • get pancake breakfasts each morning at the festival - blueberries!

We hope that as a member you will feel part of the R&S community – one that is working to create a fun, stress-free weekend in July while exploring sustainable living and building practices as well as bringing together people who share a love of music and nature, family and friendship.


  1. contribute  a minimum of 8 hours of work ( generally 2 four-hour shifts) during the festival or
  2. 18 hours throughout the year at work-parties, on committees, festival set-up, or take-down
  3. receive admission to the festival provided that you put in the work hours mentioned above
  4. are 16 years of age or older otherwise you are helping your parents/guardians with their work

Expectations are that volunteers will show up in time for their shifts and do their best to make the festival a great experience for ticket holders, fellow volunteers and organizers alike.   R&S does reserve the right to decline a volunteer’s application based on past performance. We are always in need of volunteers with certifications such as Standard First Aid, Smart Serve, and any tickets such as “chainsaw training.”


technical - helping our stage, lights and sound leads

welcome - gate and parking

snack shack & food vending - food prep & service, dishwashing

artist hospitality - setting up artist campsites, ensuring needs of artists are met on time

signage - keeping people informed and safe

natural building & construction - saunas, cob ovens and more

membership & volunteer - setting up volunteer camping area, ensuring needs of artists are met

crafters - helping our crafters get set up and running, collect donations for silent auction table

fundraising & events - helping at our ongoing shows selling tickets and merch

washrooms & waste diversion (recycling and garbage) - THE most important jobs

saunas & campfires - maintaining the fire and keeping things safe

merch - help us screen t-shirts prefestival and sell them at the festival

venue development - developing and maintaining campsites and pathways


River & Sky supports sustainability in our region by promoting, supporting and working with like-minded organizations such as  Eat Local Sudbury, Fruit for All, Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury,  Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, Sudbury Cyclists' Union, Myths & Mirrors Community Arts, Anywhere Creator Space, Centre de santé communautaire de Sudbury, and Laurentian University's Outdoor Center.

Being completely sustainable is not easy.  We do use diesel and gas generators and power equipment to maintain our venue.  In the long-term we hope and we do plan to change this.  In the short term we have ensured that all waste from the festival has been audited - sorted and placed into the correct municipal waste management streams.    Our camping areas are carefully chosen - any area that exhibits floodplain behaviour is off-limits.    We ask our audience not to camp directly beside the river or on the beach so as to avoid unnecessary impacts upon the shoreline.   In 2015 we created a new pathway, set back from the river's edge to allow a vegetative buffer to take root to help preserve the shoreline.

We try to avoid the use of disposable cups and plates opting for biodegradable options in the past.   Watch for reusable / washable dishware at R&S soon.   We do not sell water in plastic bottles and we offer our attendees free water.  Cars have been removed from the majority of our camping areas and bikes and canoes are encouraged.  Projects such as a our cob oven and sauna builds have been based upon sustainable building techniques and reuse/recycling.  You will not see a sea of plastic banners at R&S.  We really try to keep it simple.

R&S will never become a mega-festival as we feel that being small is meaningful with less impact and more Nature for all of us attending.


We could not do what we do without you.
Watch for more info here soon!

Fisher's Paradise


Music submissions: music@riverandsky.ca
Director: peter@riverandsky.ca
Media inquiries: media@riverandsky.ca
Board Chair:

Phone: 855 561 4484